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Can Apple Outdo the iPhone? |

I’m wondering if anything will be as big as last year. I agree with Gruber (see also), last year was pretty huge with the iPhone announcement and was a huge Macworld. This year is likely not going to be as huge, so I’m trying to temper my expectations.

It’s like knowing where the Christmas stash is, but not peeking. If you peek, you will be disappointed. If you don’t peek and keep expectations low, the surprises are great and the day is lovely with happy times and mimosas all around.

I expect a new laptop or revised MacBook. Maybe an Apple TV with some new content announcements. Maybe something around the touch technology that’s not the iPhone. I’ve tried to not read too much and was surprised that Newsweek would devote time to Macworld. I remember the Dark Times of the mid-90s all too well. It is a different era now. Hopefully we’ll see something remarkable. But I’m still trying not to get all hyped up.

What are your expectations for an Apple announcement tomorrow?