Crispy Leaf, Not Crispy Air

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Crispy Leaf, Not Crispy Air

The past week has been a cluster of gold leaf days. I’ve shot a bunch of frames in short bursts of time and I’m overwhelmed with the number of images I want to work on and share. I wanted to shoot more photos this year. I didn’t account for the time hit in processing all those images, much less editing them. This isn’t a whine. This is a statement of factual discovery.

One other note: Just about every time I push the shutter release I have to stop myself from saying aloud, “Ohmygodthelightissofantastic!”

* * *

I hope that wherever you are today in the United States, you are able to vote without incident and your vote is counted. The stories coming out of Ohio are disheartening, especially given the [insert my usual anti-fundamentalist/anti-ultra conservative diatribe here]. If the dirty tricks of the [insert derogatory string of obscenities] becomes an election decider, I’ll start up with the political posts again. I’ve toyed with doing a separate site for those or at least putting them into a corner of the site. I decided against it because I’ve made it this far without getting worked up. But that might change tonight.

Affirmation: Don’t waste time mourning a past that didn’t/doesn’t exist.