Front Loaded

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Front Loaded

Near where my family lives in Washington state, there is this great yard with a giant circle of vintage toy trucks arranged in a scene. At first it looks like it’s haphazardly placed gobs of a borderline hoarding habit tilted toward yellow toy trucks. As you get closer, you can see that the toys are not haphazadly arranged at all, but placed with thought. As with most eccentric yard art, you have to look for the details to really get into the mind of a person who would spend untold hours procuring the vehicles and then arranging them. As I walked back and forth on the sidewalk, it was easy to see tiny vignettes going on in the bigger picture. I would guess there were about thirty large Tonka trucks, maybe even more and untold numbers of smaller trucks, graders and other various Tonka vehicles arranged in an oblong ovoid path right at the sidewalk. It was really something.

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I wish there were more weird people doing stuff like this in suburbia. I’m sure a homeowner’s association somewhere is losing their shit over this, but given that I grew up with these toys (I had the metal crane and a dump truck to go with it), I’m siding with the actual homeowner.

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