Gastroenterology and Me II: Red, White & Blonde

Gastroenterology and Me II: Red, White & Blonde

Just got a call from the doctor. They noticed dyskinesia from my HIDA scan yesterday. Guess what the preferred treatment is?

Cholecycstectomy. In plain language: yanking the damn thing out.

The first part of the scan went really well. Things moved through my liver fantastic. My review: “A++. Would use this liver again!”

During the second part of the HIDA scan, where they give you the meds to make your gallbladder contract, I experienced little pain and thought that I was stupid to push for the HIDA scan. The doctor did it to appease me and make me feel better. I watched the screen and noticed that things weren’t moving too well. Toward the end, I could see some of the material in my bowels, but there was still a lot of glowing around the gall bladder. The tech said that they typically look for a certain percentage flow from the gallbladder and that anything under that percentage was an indication of problems. So I spent most of the 40 minutes trying to decide the percentage of nuclear material that had made it out of my gall bladder. After the test, I didn’t feel too badly, but after being home about 20 minutes, I felt like crap. I couldn’t blame any human or canine creature for feeling badly. It was due to the scan.

My appointment to meet with a surgeon is on May 23rd.