Metric: Synthetica

Metric’s latest, Synthetica dropped today. Tasty.



The first single, “Youth Without Youth” reminds me of the Metric track used in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, “Black Sheep” (excerpted on YouTube)

Love it.

I’m all over the last song, “Nothing but Time”. A hopeful, almost trilling synth countermelody in the verses against a very 1980s syncopated chorused piano fight in tension with the plingy arpeggio underneath Ms. Haines fantastic vocal timbre. I’m a sucker for the wispy female vocal. Better when the tension builds and she comes in strong at 2:11. Synthy and buzzy at it’s loudest point, the track is emblematic of the rich production throughout.

“I got nothing but time
so the future is mine”

I’ll take it. Time. Go.

  • Ryan Waddell

    Ahhh Metric. It’ll be nice to hear some new Metric tunes on the radio now instead of the same old ones over and over again (because they’re Canadian and popular, they get played AD NAUSEUM on the radio here – Canadian Content rules require a specific amount of Canadian Content on the airwaves. Metric and Nickleback get a LOT of airplay).

    Also – looking forward to Spotify coming to Canada some time, maybe, ever. It is *super* frustrating that these companies have to jump through such crazy hoops for every new country they want to enter.

  • caro buchheim

    i’d totally overheard that last track the first few times i listened to the album (even though i’m an avid fangirl). so glad that your writing about it made me listen again – it’s brilliant.

    i saw metric play in berlin last week, and that was a special moment.