On Approach to Vagar, Faroe Islands

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On Approach to Vagar, Faroe Islands

The flight into the airport on Vagar was nothing short of magic. Magic hour, magic sky and magic pilots. We flew north by the island and then around the northern tip where I snapped this from a window seat.

I’m running out of adjectives to describe just how beautiful and amazing and jaw dropping and awe inspiring and massive and huge and epic these islands appear to me. The best thing I can think of is something that occurred in the delirium on the drive to the hotel Tuesday night. The shapes of the islands remind me of Moab, Utah. But with water. A lot of water and very green grasses growing.

* * *

My flights getting here were great, but total travel time from New York until I hit my bed at the hotel in the Faroe capitol of Torshavn was about 30 hours. It’s been late nights and early mornings every day since, with very little stopping during the day. That’s not a complaint. I’m just dying to share what I’ve seen and shot. It’s driving me crazy that I can’t add about 3 hours to each day to write and post photos. As I write this, I’m staying up late to ingest and back up photo files. It’s Thursday Friday after midnight and I just cracked open Lightroom about 20 minutes ago.

The weather as been absolutely beautiful and beyond what I expected for North Atlantic islands. I’m crossing my fingers we have a few more days like this.

I’ll try to write some more tomorrow night and hopefully post some more images.