Leta and I ran some errands this morning to give Heather some peace and quiet. Among the errands was a visit to the clog store, where I bought a new pair of black Crocs, which I promptly put on my feet, replacing the ones I bought last summer that sparked a photo battle, some words and a brief skirmish or two.

Leta looked at some navy blue Crocs that were close to her size pretty thoroughly, but I decided that it would be better to ease Heather in with my new pair. Plus, I like my procedures.

We returned home for lunch and Heather asked what we did on our jaunt. I gave her the rundown and at the end I said, “And I bought a fresh, clean and new pair of Crocs!”


More Silence.

So much Silence I had to ask, “Are you ok?”

Still more Silence. “Heather?”

It would appear that old wounds have been de-scabbed. This can’t be good.

Note: Crocs did not pay me to write this.

  • Denise

    You are so naughty! Is Heather alright? Should we call CROC911?

  • Jessica

    Someone just walked in the room to see what I was laughing about. How embarrassing that I almost wet my pants.

  • jon deal

    You might have lost procedure privileges for a while there, pal.

    Plus, you erred by not mixing in the purchase in the middle of the story of your jaunt. “We did X and Y, I bought new crocs, then we did Z and now we are home!” C’mon, Jon, that’s a rookie mistake! Plus, you *should* have brought something home for her as a peace offering; you know, just to be on the safe side.

  • mihow

    Jon, I was thinking. I was thinking it might be kind of awesome if you were to somehow sneak a pair of these lovely shoes onto Heather’s feet while she slept. I think the Internet could use some good ‘ol fashioned spousal photo ransom. Is she a light sleeper? If so, get her good and drunk first.

    I think you should make this your mission.

  • Rose

    Crocs rule.

    I see that there’s a new color for Croc Caymans: Candy Floss Pink! Wouldn’t they be precious with Leta’s pretty dresses?

  • Jennifer

    Hmm. I suspect if you had gone through with buying Leta crocs, you’d be sleeping on straw on the porch. Not to mention, if anything would draw the ire of the Avon world sales leader, that would have to be it. No more free shampoo for you!

    Are the crocs worth it? I mean, imagine how much you could probably hit it if you’d just give those butt ugly things up….

  • AdirondackJen

    Hmmt! Love the Crocs. Keep the Crocs, Jon. In our house, everyone has at least 2 pairs, and we grownups wear them to work (waitress/bartender). There are no words…they’re just the best! Our backs and feet don’t hurt after 6- or 10- or 12- hour shifts anymore! Plus? Everyone wants a pair now, so we’re trend-starters! We’re finally cool!!

    Well, as cool as you can be when you’re known mostly for your bright orange rubber shoes. But still!

  • Amy

    Are they really that awesome to wear? I’ve thought of getting a pair to wear in the garden, and ONLY in the garden. I’m on the fence.

  • Lionemom

    Jon Deal – you are 100% correct! (IMHO) When bringing home something you KNOW your partner is not going to approve of, whether it was because you spent too much on it or it’s something they don’t want in the house, etc., ALWAYS bring a peace offering to ease the blow of the thing they despise!

  • MangoFalls

    Leta needs a pair for every day of the week.

  • HV

    Have you seen the Disney themed crocs, where the little holes are in the shape of little Mickeys? The straps are a contrasting color to the clog, so the overall effect is very cartoony and adorable. Go for it!

    I love my crocs. I became a convert last year, and have just ordered my husband a pair. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s gonna love them too. Or else.

  • Stuck

    I hate to be the first voice of reason in the comments… but crocs look god-awful on women, and on men they look even worse. Unless you’re wearing them just to disgust your wife. If that’s the case, then I applaud your effort. :)

  • Alison

    I’m firmly in the Crocs camp. I love mine (and hey, they ROCK when you have go through airport security). Tiny Crocs on little girls are adorable. Good luck getting a pair on Leta’s feet. Although, um, I wouldn’t hold out much hope. Heh.

  • tk

    Sorry dude. Gotta go with your wife on this one. I don’t mind “clogs”, in fact I have a pair of Simple clogs like the ones you’d shown us a long time ago, but the Crocs, the Crocs are just nasty. I got a free pair of Croc flip-flops and they are less hideous, and I will admit they are incredibly comfortable. I think the only people that should be allowed to wear Crocs in public are Nurses and Chefs. They should definitely not be worn to work during the summer (like one lady I encountered last summer going to her office dressed in Purple Crocs!)

    New house looks fabu!


    Maybe they have a Crocs-Anonymous group to attend?

    I personally love them! My husband hates them though.

  • Janet

    Okay, having gone back and reading Heather’s post about ‘procedures’, please tell her she’s not the only one that happens to. For me, once I stopped nursing, all was well. And that didn’t happen until my baby was almost 8 months old.

    As for the Crocs, well, I just can’t bring myself to buy any.

  • camille

    Seriously, crocs are amazing. That is all I have to say. Keep it up!

  • breny

    Would a Jibbitz help?

    I saw the woman that invented these on Oprah. She made about a gazillion dollars.

  • Shae

    Rian has them in almost every color.


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