Leta and I ran some errands this morning to give Heather some peace and quiet. Among the errands was a visit to the clog store, where I bought a new pair of black Crocs, which I promptly put on my feet, replacing the ones I bought last summer that sparked a photo battle, some words and a brief skirmish or two.

Leta looked at some navy blue Crocs that were close to her size pretty thoroughly, but I decided that it would be better to ease Heather in with my new pair. Plus, I like my procedures.

We returned home for lunch and Heather asked what we did on our jaunt. I gave her the rundown and at the end I said, “And I bought a fresh, clean and new pair of Crocs!”


More Silence.

So much Silence I had to ask, “Are you ok?”

Still more Silence. “Heather?”

It would appear that old wounds have been de-scabbed. This can’t be good.

Note: Crocs did not pay me to write this.