Potential for Something Big by Jon Armstrong.

The Potential for Something Big

I am in love with spring this year. This winter was not as brutal as last year, not even close. Yes, we had snow last week, but this week is heavenly despite having a sick Leta. She’s on the ups (we hope) and the weather looks to stay lovely for a few more days.

I shot this one with the Lensbaby and a macro adapter. I’m still getting the hang of shooting right on top of things, but the light this morning was too lovely not to share. I snuck out while Heather watched sick Leta and I grabbed a few shots I liked.

  • Jakki

    Spring time is beautiful for shots and this one is perfect!

  • leesavee

    Just gorgeous, Jon! Thanks for giving me an advanced look into spring. I’m in Maine, and the trees haven’t quite budded yet, although the grass is beginning to get green. I’ve got my fingers crossed that spring will officially blossom here this weekend!

  • tracy

    Damn, I’m jealous for some color in my life! The snow in our yard is down to just a few inches, but it will be a while yet before I can play in the dirt.

    I had originally dreaded the onset of this past winter because we had virtually no summer last year, leaving our summer reserves to draw from, quite empty indeed. Thankfully having a new baby (not so new anymore, she’s about to turn 1) made the winter fly by like none I’ve ever experienced in my 33 years of living in Alaska, and wouldn’t you know it, spring is here already!

  • Maura

    I’m not sure what I like better — the intense blue of the sky or the sunburst peeking through the petals — but I love the feel of this.

    Being in CA, we’ve had spring and we’re already into our first heatwave. But it’s still nice to appreciate the flowers before they disappear into summer.

  • meowsk

    How do you achieve such great sunbursts? Whenever I attempt they just end up making the photo look blown out or my husband gets mad at me for pointing my camera in the direction of the sun.

  • greystreetgirl

    This is gorgeous! I’m in SLC this week and was surprised at how awesome the weather has been, especially considering you had a ton of snow last week! Hopefully, this burst of spring lasts for you!

  • Kathymtb

    I have been feeling exactly the same way. This winter was brutal and I am so ready for spring! I took very similar pictures in the evening sunlight the other night. I just couldn’t resist taking pictures of the blossoms that are all over the place. See my blog post of my blossom pictures.

  • minxlj

    Beautiful photo – don’t you just love the change of season? I LOVE spring here in England so much, and although our winters aren’t as severe as yours in Utah, I breathe a sigh of relief when I see those first few spring blossoms peek through!