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  • Blurbomat - Schwinn. 2013, bike, blurbomat, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM, distressed, DOF, Jon Armstrong blog, Jon Armstrong photography, macro, schwinn, type, vintage, winter


    Macro shot of a Schwinn bicycle badge on a vintage and rusting bike.

  • Blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - Village Vanguard

    Village Vanguard

    Here's the sign for the famous jazz club in the Village. I'll just have to go off about Bill Evans...

  • Jon Armstrong for It was Sunny One Day Last Week

    It Was Sunny One Day Last Week

    Nature is dreamy.

  • Brutally Cold by Jon Armstrong for A drip-free icicle hangs in a sub-freezing Salt Lake City. Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Brutally Cold

    Utah gets hit by an ice storm. Hilarity does not ensue.

  • Darkness on the Edge of Town by Jon Armstrong for Looking west across the Salt Lake Valley at a hazy midwinter sunset.. Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Darkness on the Edge of Town

    Midwinter sunset over a smoggy Salt Lake Valley, some local media weather graphics and a Star Wars reference in the…

  • Sound Check by Jon Armstrong.

    Paul Jacobsen of The Lower Lights at Sound Check

    This image is begging for some text on the left. Or a decorative element of some kind. Gah. Interjection from…

  • Losing Focus by Jon Armstrong.

    Losing Focus

    A literalness pervades the bokeh. Bokeh pervades? Pervasive bokeh? It's just another photo of leaves.

  • Bare by Jon Armstrong.


    Almost winter sunset behind bare trees.

  • Bugs by Jon Armstrong.


    More bright colors, Thanksgiving movies and a line about ownership.

  • A Day Before the Storm by Jon Armstrong.

    A Day Before the Storm

    Autumn in Manhattan, a link to some amazing and heartbreaking Sandy aftermath photos and I snuggle with my girls because…

  • One One One by Jon Armstrong.

    One One One

    A graphic photo, a link to my friend's project and a note about breathing.

  • Pearly Dew Drops by Jon Armstrong.

    Pearly Dew Drops

    Wet leaves and Cocteau Twins. Shut up.

  • Holding On by Jon Armstrong.

    Holding On and Holding Out

    It's autumn, my favorite season. Also: small amounts of science.