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    Stanley Samuelsen in Haldarsvík, Faroe Islands

  • The Lower Lights, December 2013

    Atypical shots of a great band live at the Salt Lake City Masonic Temple.

  • Sound Check by Jon Armstrong.

    Paul Jacobsen of The Lower Lights at Sound Check

    This image is begging for some text on the left. Or a decorative element of some kind. Gah. Interjection from…

  • A pause before the chorus by Jon Armstrong.

    A Pause Before the Chorus

    Sarah Sample about to bust it on the chorus.

  • patatomic-halos by Jon Armstrong.


    Shot of a great drummer and friend and a paragraph about being sick. Knocked down hard levels of sick. Awful.…

  • The Lower Lights - Debra Fotheringham by Jon Armstrong.

    The Lower Lights’ Debra Fotheringham

    An image of Debra Fotheringham, one of the vocalists for The Lower Lights and some links to their stuff.

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    Stretch Armstrong Swim Herschel Swim Reunion Show Crowd

    A great crowd from a very fun night. I love the variety of facial expressions in this shot.

  • Nels Cline of Wilco at Red Butte

    Nels Cline with Wilco at Red Butte

    A guitar god, great solos on sad songs and wrangling with the lying opera of memory.

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    Jeff Tweedy of Wilco

    Wherein I get very very very lucky and also busted. Remind me about photo/media passes next time.

  • M. Doughty Live

    Mike Doughty live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Taken 11/2/2011.

  • Nirvana Live At The Paramount

    44 minutes of rad: Via: Nirvana Live At The Paramount on Hat tip: Marshall. UPDATE: Made private/pulled from YouTube.

  • David Byrne Live – Mr. Jones

    This video from Byrne’s 1992 tour shows just how tight that band was: The show that I saw in ’92…

  • Arcade Fire

    Arcade Fire,

  • Local Natives

    The Local Natives

    Here’s a slideshow of shots of the fantastic opening act for Arcade Fire, an LA band called The Local Natives:…

  • Outside Lands, 2008

    Shots from the pit at Outside Lands, 2008.

  • Jon Armstrong - Blurbomat - Outside Lands Crowd by .Jon Armstrong for - 2008

    Outside Lands Recap – Day 1 & 2

    Friday Picked up a rental camera in downtown San Francisco from Adolph Gasser. Back in 1998 I rented some gear…

  • Jeff Tweedy - Wilco - Outside Lands, 2008 by Jon Armstrong for

    Wilco, Outside Lands, 2008

    See other band photos from Outside Lands, 2008 here. Read the recap here.

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