dooce® Community Tutorial videos

I’ve posted a bunch to Vimeo. Here’s one that talks about linking your dooce community account with your facebook account:

View full-screen for better detail (you might have to go directly to vimeo to do this)

I hope these help. You can see the rest in my Vimeo channel:

  • lizandboys

    I click on FB connect and it tells me I’m not logged into a FB account – but I am :( ?

    • blurb

      Try these steps.

      1. Log out of Facebook.
      2. Log out of dooce community.
      3. Log back in to dooce community.
      4. Hit the Facebook connect tab
      5. It should tell you that you are not logged into Facebook and present you with a Facebook Connect button.
      6. Click the Facebook Connect button and enter your facebook credentials (email address and password) in the pop-up window
      7. Click the Connect button in that popup window
      8. That window should close and you should be taken to a settings window like the one in the video at :27 seconds
      9. Select your settings and click the “Save settings” button.
      10. You should now see the Facebook “f” on question pages and have the option to post your answer to your Facebook wall.

      11. let me know if this works!


  • lizandboys

    step 6 – it’s not giving me a FB connect button :(

    • blurb

      Add a step 2a: Log back into facebook and then log into dooce community.

      What browser are you using?

  • apgordon

    Hey Jon —
    Long time reader, first time commenter. Hey, I’m interested in making some videos similar to this one… Just wondering: what are you using to capture this? This is really great quality.

    And thanks for the reminder to log back into Community. I forgot how entertaining that section of is.