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  • The organ in the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal is off the chain. - Jon Armstrong photography for

    Notre-Dame Basilica Pipe Organ

    Will it rococo? (Answer: yes.)

  • Blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - Turkish - 2012, city, late summer, neon, pike place, pike place market, seattle, signage, travel, type, Jon Armstrong blog,, Jon Armstrong Photography


    A neon sign in Seattle and I gush about my oldest daughter. So proud of her!

  • Fresh by Jon Armstrong.


    Juxtaposition ensues.

  • Geek by Jon Armstrong.


    Missing letters on signs = good times.

  • North End of the Great Salt Lake by Jon Armstrong. Aerial photo of the Great Salt Lake, looking eastward toward Ogden, Utah.

    North End of the Great Salt Lake

    Great Salt Lake fun facts! More correctly, links to facts!

  • A stunning sunset outside of Seattle, Washington. Credit: Jon Armstrong

    Northwest Setting

    What do a sunset and a panel have to do with each other? Not one thing. Attribute this to brain…

  • eleven-thirty-three by Jon Armstrong.

    Eleven Thirty-Three

    Shot of an exterior art deco wall clock on Seattle's F.W. Woolworth building & some Michael Graves link action

  • Street level photo in downtown Seattle, Washington of second and third story windows. The upper window is boarded up with plywood separated by a stone carved ornamental detail. The lower window has the word


    Ironic urban graffiti from Seattle, a street version of "I'm with Stupid"?

  • Searing by Jon Armstrong. An epic orange fiery sunset looking towards the Great Salt Lake.


    Epic sunset sequel. And a touch of the photo nerdery hot talk: Neutral Density filters.

  • Just Outside My Back Door. Epic orange sunset taken by Jon Armstrong in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 10, 2012.

    Just Outside My Back Door

    Wherein I share my being elevated by the epic beauty of another late summer Utah sunset.

  • photo of a street sign at Pike and Pine in Seattle, Washington taken by Jon Armstrong.

    Pike Place & Pine Street

    Gritty urban texture, important subcultural touchstones and a great Tom Waits song.

  • get-out-while-you-can by Jon Armstrong.

    Get Out Before the Fire

    Downtown fire escape taken in Seattle. Look at that sky! Nary a cloud.

  • over-the-great-salt-lake by Jon Armstrong.

    Keep on Running

    A travel shot, morose rambling and a call to action. Come for the photo. Stay for the other photos. Kindly…