Going Public: Tech Fu Exhausted

This summer on 3hive, we’ve been besieged with bugs. Either on the MT side or the host side. I tend to think it’s on the MT side of things, as I host this site with the same people, iPower, and I haven’t experienced any of the issues that we are having.

Specifically, something seems to happen EVERY weekend. On a Thursday or Friday, we won’t be able to log in and all the comment forms and popups are broken until the next week, maybe Monday or Tuesday and things are fine again for a few days. There may have been one weekend where we could get in this month but it’s been very spotty all summer.

Initially, I thought it was a Perl plug-in problem, but that same plugin is on the server that hosts this site, and so I tend to think it’s something more severe. If 3hive were my site alone, I’d just dump the mysql and start over. However, it’s not just my site. And there’s a lot of valuable information there that would be tragic to lose. I have backups, but the very thought of a catastrophe has rendered me helpless.

I’ve got help tickets in, but I’m asking here if anybody has had similar issues with MT and if so, how did you resolve them? I suppose I could change hosts, but that’s an expense in both time and money…

As an aside, the host offers a one-click install of WordPress and to test to see if iPower was having mysql issues, I dumped a lot of our content into WordPress. It didn’t appear to have any issues, which is why I’m leaning towards MT.

I’m now going to pray and nap.