L.A. People Can’t Drive

What is it with these people in this, the car capital of the world? It’s dark during evening rush hour now. Everybody is going 1.4 miles per hour. My commute last night should have taken 25 minutes, tops. 55 minutes. Why? And why everybody?

Los Angeles is supposed to be the home of the car. Where Driving Istm.

Everybody is talking on the phone and doing makeup and not dialing their shit in on the driving front. Blurbomat is in full support of mandatory driving school for adults every 10 years. And making everybody with a cell phone use those ear bud things so they can have both hands on the wheel. Blurbomat has a simple dream. That people actually drive the car. Not use it as the apartment annex for modern living. Just drive.

When the roommate makes cocktails and apetizers, we expect a little help from the people. Y’all need to get out of my way.