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  • 30 seconds Under the Manhattan Bridge

    November, 2015.

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    Private Property

    The San Francisco Bay Bridge, Swim Herschel Swim and something or other around memories.

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    Bliss Dance

    Treausre Island lady sculpture is tall. Literally. 40 Foot Woman tall.

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    Lake Sunrise

    I finally get a sunrise shot that I like. And a term for photo nerds.

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    A weirdly vacant lot and soundstage on Treasure Island.

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    A super wide angle shot looking to San Francisco from Treasure Island.

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    Tower Vertebrae

    Snapseed to the rescue! Fun times taking a massive RAW file from a Canon 5D Mark II from Lightroom into…

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    A San Francisco MUNI train carrying ghosts arrives at the platform. It's all about the ghosts.

  • The Trees Have Patience and Hope on Their Side by Jon Armstrong for

    Wide Tree

    No, this was not taken today. I took this a couple of months ago and found it browsing through the…

  • The Tree Accommodates by Jon Armstrong.

    The Tree Accommodates

    This was shot with the 12-24 and has a super trippy thing going on at the edges that I really…