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  • Link: Researchers Focus on Smart Contacts | EE Times

    As a person who has vision issues and wears contact lenses, naturally, developments like this pique my interest. However, I’m…

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    The Vitamin Myth

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    Status: Eye

    Yesterday I scheduled eye surgery.

  • 20130428-094255.jpg by .

    Freeway Light

    My mom is not cured. She may never be cured. But she can walk. I'm taking that as a positive.

  • Jon Armstrong - Blurbomat - Tree About to Wake by Jon Armstrong.

    Tree About to Wake

    A leafless tree in the morning sun and an update about my family.

  • Personal Health

    My corneas and me. Or your corneas and you. Or awfulness.

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    I’ve been at the eye doctor for 2 1/2 hours. They’re now at the very crazy (and expensive) lens portion…

  • Should I Be Nervous?

    I think I should be nervous.

  • Gastroenterology & Me III: Gut 3D

    So. I’m heading in early tomorrow to have my gallbladder removed. I’m still surprised on a few counts, but mostly…

  • Gastroenterology and Me II: Red, White & Blonde

    Just got a call from the doctor. They noticed dyskinesia from my HIDA scan yesterday. Guess what the preferred treatment…

  • Gastroenterology and Me

    I haven't written about my health for awhile. I had intended to get all oversharey and post movies of my…

  • Health Update: Plumbing The Plumbing

    Since my last health update, there have been some developments and I’ve noted a few interactions. First, I finished the…

  • Health Status: Middle Aged Man Still Haunted by Mystery Chest Pains

    I’m still having the mystery chest pains. I’m going to post a timeline for myself, so I have a dedicated…

  • Welcome to Middle Age

    Last year, I started fitness training with Heather. It’s been really good for me, toning up and being able to…

  • Internet & Video Game Addiction

    American Journal of Psychiatry Link Via: Ars Technica’s Add Internet addiction to psychiatric disorders, says doctor My favorite bit (link…

  • Stress, Depression & Me

    Since coming out yesterday as being on Prozac, I thought it might be good to answer a few questions that…

  • Prozac Nation

    I’ve held a largely internal debate whether or not to talk about this publicly. However, given the responses to my…

  • They Want You to Waste It – The “Right” Way to Spray Nasonex Nasal Spray

    The Right Way To Spray NASONEX Nasal Spray This is not exactly how my doctor told me how to do…

  • Fixing It

    I am currently waiting to have a CT scan of my sinus area. I’m only nervous about this because my…

  • Super Happy Fun News

    Middle-age is truly depressing, study finds – Yahoo! News Awesome. Maybe this is what is happening to me? Aside from…

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