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  • Nightfall a screengrab of a sweet video showing Los Angeles through time lapse


    Amazing time lapse video showing the beauty of Los Angeles. That's right. I said beauty.

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    Detail of door handles to a high-end retail establishment. They were out of all their codpieces, if I recall correctly.

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    Angles & Curves

    A designy image that's more graphic than photo.

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    Over the top ornate decorative signage

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    Alternative title: Architecture and morality? It's an image of a building with some good lines. At first you might think,…

  • Stone and Glass

    In Los Angeles there is a great photo every 3 feet.

  • LA Diner Light by Jon Armstrong.

    Diner Light

    Taken last November when we had our crazy 1.5 day trip to Los Angeles. That doesn’t seem so long ago.…

  • Backside of Tower Theater

    Compare to this image. I tried to calm it down a bit on the colors. Probably a mistake on my…

  • Sweet Sombrero by Jon Armstrong.

    Sweet Sombrero

    It’s not every day one sees a sombrero like this, living where I live. Hecho en Mexico, indeed, bro.

  • Arcade by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    At the Arcade Again, Mom

    Something about the letterforms reminds me of the late-60s/early-70s rococo period in display type. Televisions shows from that era had…

  • Cityspeak Signs by Jon Armstrong.

    Cityspeak Signs

    One of my pet peeves in cities are the crazy amount of sign instructions for a given set of parking…

  • Golden Disney Hall by Jon Armstrong.

    Golden Disney Hall

    Taken last August when it was 101° F. Too hot to be out and about. We took refuge inside, but…

  • Family Pants by Jon Armstrong.

    Wearing the

    Took this one in Los Angeles back in August. A note: I generally do not try to represent my photos…

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    Massive Light

    This was taken at the end of August, 2007 at the Camper store in Beverly Hills. We walked down Robertson…

  • Downtown

    This and the four others I just uploaded to flickr were taken on our Los Angeles trip four months ago.…

  • LA Trip Day 4: Final Confrontation

    [Ed. note: I meant to publish this before the crazy weather hit us and we lost power and evacuated. I…

  • LA Trip Day 3: The Reckoning

    Awaken to severe pain in both legs. PAIN. Ev-ow-ry-ow step-ow ow-is ow-kill-ow-ing me. Ow. Decide to hit Dupar’s for a…

  • LA Day 2: Punishment

    Woke up late, and headed to the stairs in Santa Monica. The stairs of doom. In my prime, I could…

  • New York Doll

    Last night we went to see New York Doll (blurbomat entry). The local NPR station did a live broadcast with…

  • Too Much Too Soon

    This is fantastic! I had no idea that one of the surviving New York Dolls is a Mormon! And that…