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  • Bird snacks off of the sand on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. July, 2015.

    Beach Snacking

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    Filtered Sunset

    Playing around with some filtering software. I have similar software on my phone and iPad. That software cost me about…

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    I’m thinking that to really get the best shots of surf, you have to be in the surf itself. Which…

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    Spooky Erosion

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    Beak and Buoys

    This egret was sauntering about and looking damn fine. I had to be really careful not to scare it away,…

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    Late to Lunch

    These guys missed the free lunch courtesy of the dog mentioned here. Alas. I’m hoping that cameras keep upping the…

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    Hanging From the Sky

    We took the last hour or so of our final day on Isla Mujeres and walked around taking photos. We…

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    Translation: I forgot the whole name of the boat.

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    Coastal Winter Storm

    Another one from 2008 that I couldn’t see that I had posted anywhere. The sensor was really dirty and maybe…

  • A Great Day by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    A Great Day

    Found this one in a series that I took back in late February while Leta and I went for a…

  • Asymmetric Shell by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong photography.

    Asymetric Shell

    When Leta and I did our second beach walk, she was fascinated by these, but would not touch them. She…

  • Remember the Summer by Jon Armstrong.

    Remember the Summer

    I know that I was supposed to hold onto this image until it got really bad. It hasn’t snowed enough…

  • Hoping for a Bite by Jon Armstrong All rights reserved..

    Hoping for a Bite

    Another from the sunset beach walk series. I almost got tangled up in the line a few times looking for…

  • Last Night on the Beach

    A wonderful, much needed vacation. A real vacation at long last.

  • Another Angle of the Crappy Sunset

  • Another Crappy Night on the Beach


  • Vantage Point

    Starring nobody.

  • Beach!