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Attention IE Users

If you are using IE 9 to read, turn Compatibility View off. "OFF". The icon looks like a broken page. If the icon is highlighted blue, it's on and pages won't display properly. If you turn it off, you'll be able to read the content. Yes, I know this is ironic: in order to read the post showing you what to do will be invisible. Which is why I'm writing a kind of long thing here. Good luck.

Great Camera Buying Guide

Link to a great guide from The Verge, despite not including the iPhone 4S in their smartphone section. They have a bias towards Android phones and keep rabbiting on about the Nokia N8.

iOS Multitasking

This is something I’ve wondered about since iOS 4.How does iOS handle the recently running apps bar in terms of memory, CPU and background tasks. I caught this post by Fraiser Speirs a couple of days ago:┬áMisconceptions About iOS Multitasking. John Gruber over at Daring Fireball sums it up like Read More...