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  • Another Bare Tree by Jon Armstrong.

    Yet Another Bare Tree


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    Stucco Classic

    Relief sculpture from a Treasure Island building.

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    Bliss Dance

    Treausre Island lady sculpture is tall. Literally. 40 Foot Woman tall.

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    A weirdly vacant lot and soundstage on Treasure Island.

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    A super wide angle shot looking to San Francisco from Treasure Island.

  • Still Gray Lady by Jon Armstrong.

    Still Gray Lady

    1200 words about a god damn bridge. And I'm not even talking about the Golden Gate or Brooklyn Bridge!

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    “Blue is the Color of My Tears”

    Memories. Grief. Architecture. The color blue.

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    Tower Vertebrae

    Snapseed to the rescue! Fun times taking a massive RAW file from a Canon 5D Mark II from Lightroom into…

  • shedding by Jon Armstrong.

    Treasure Island Molting

    Decay on Treasure Island! Sounds like a Robert Louis Stephenson novel. It's not. Just an image.

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    Car Art

    A detail shot of graffiti on the side of a van. Taken in Chinatown on a great photowalk. Also: DRINK…

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    Sunset Blues

    Sunset shot over Salt Lake City looking west to the Great Salt Lake. Blue hour shot?

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    Killer Mexican Food

    A shot of the sign outside Salt Lake City restaurant, Red Iguana.

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    Shot of LDS (Mormon) iconography. And by that I mean no disrespect. And by that I mean that I'm not…

  • Microphone that Elvis used to record his first song at Sun Studio

    My First Video Podcast: Trey’s Variety Hour 29

    Don't eat candy! Watch this video instead. It's only 1700 hours or so.

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    The Most Ugly Sunset Photo Ever Taken

    It really is the worst sunset I've ever seen or photographed. You'll just have to trust me on this one.

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    Yellow Cloud

    Another colorful shot from the Festival of Colors and an announcement about my first appearance on a video net/pod cast.…

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    On at the Salt Lake Public Library

    Architecture shot of the Salt Lake City Library. Very wide angle and crazy.

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    Three for one image bargain! Sweet sequence of a dude with dreadlocks at the Holi 2012 Festival of Colors in…

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    A crowd shot from the Holi Festival of Colors. So amazing to see those bright colors shooting skyward.

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    Living Color

    This colorful shot of a a couple at the Holi Festival of Colors at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork,…